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Our Features

In order to foster a healthy competition among the students, they were divided into four houses namely, Tagore, Nehru, Gandhi and Shashtri and subsequently Mother’s day, Teacher’s day, Children’s day, National events and Festivals like, Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, Eid, Christmas, Lohri etc celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Our “Annual Cultural Meet“ also began to be theme oriented conveying valuable messages. Educational trips and picnics were organized at different places every year in order to provide adequate exposure and general awareness to the students. Multifaceted exhibitions were also held coinciding with the sports day. Students brought laurels to the school by shining outstandingly in the inter school cultural and literary competitions organized by the societies like Jai Bharat organization, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Jaycees, Lions club Sangini, Saheli, Central, Shreshta, Gold, Rotary club and the Inner wheel club. Consequently many competitions were organized such as - Calligraphy, Dance, Science, and G.K to encourage the students. Many inter house and inter school competitions were also organized. The institution had flowered into a full-fledged institution i.e, up to the std 8th by the year 2010-2011.
Two projects were presented at the district level on 5th oct 2013 at Guru Nanak girls school held byNCSC & one was selected for state level. After that the project was selected for National level. 10th Nov 2013 was the happiest and most memorable day for LEAD CONVENT school when “Aarzoo Jamal” of class VIII declared Junior National Children Science Congress Scientist at Noida.
Aarzoo Jamal the real gem of LEAD CONVENT honoured by D.M at Khadi Mahotsav and S.P in school for this greatest achievement for adding glory to Shahjahanpur district. The most important aspect of a student career is the performance in the examination. Every – year approx 5 to 8 students secured 100% marks in Annual examination due to hard work of students, staff and kind co-operation of parents. All these activities and attitude have enabled our school to achieve high academic standard and innovations in teaching and has helped in providing quality education in the service of man and society. As the saying goes when you educated an individual you educate a society and imparting knowledge is treasure. I feel great satisfaction with its phenomenal progress which could not be achieved without untiring efforts of teachers and students of the school and great interest of management and kind co-operation of parents.
You all will be pleased to know the LEAD family has introduced smart digital classes to make studies more interesting. In order to maintain the discipline and decorum, which is heart and soul of an institution, a new discipline committee of students as well as teachers is formed at the time of the commencement of every session, ensuring perfect discipline within the entire institution without giving any corporal punishment to the students. Students of LEAD CONVENT are doing well not only in cultural and literary activities they are also active in social and humanity. They participated in the rally for the collection of fund to help the child suffering from heart disease.
With the speedy expansion of the school we are overwhelmed with the tasks that remain unfinished, as, dreaming to attain ‘higher reaches’ has become our habit. Hence more classrooms, more theme oriented educational and awareness programmes are planned for the coming years.
To end I would say that the span of 12 years is a mile stone in the life of an institution because when we take stock of our achievements during this span we are beholden in gratitude to all those noble souls who have blessed us with words and deeds. On a final note I would like to wish good luck to our successors and wish that they may also draw pride from and have as much fun is being associated with the life.
“Always bear in mind that yours own resolution to succeed is more important that anyone thing.”
May God bless LEAD CONVENT and always shower us with his love & affection. May his presence be felt within each one of us so that the LEAD family may serve God and our glorious country to the fullest.
By the grace of Almighty, We hope and wish that in the coming year our students rise to height of pre-eminence and leave their permanent mark. Let us look forward to the coming year with greater hope and promises.


CBSE Curriculum

25:1 Students ratio

Hygienic Ambience

Most modern class room

Parent orientation session

Comfortable Conveyance care

Practical Projects for mind building

Trained, qualified and friendly teachers

Informative and Fun field extra curricular activities

Computer based training as an implementary aid to teaching

Collection of reference books and CDs in the library

Constantly upgrading with plans of Expansion every year.


Freshness in approach, Openness of enquiry, breadth of study, creativity in argument and invention, independence of mind, and ambition for real quality: these are the keynotes in our approach to education, and we hope our students will embrace them with energy.




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Tarin Tikli, Shahjahanpur



Contact no.- +91 5842-228558, 9450238257, 9369247064, 9336777120, 8400294471